Writing Advice from the Authors of Summer Crush

summer crush

In honour of the blog tour for Summer Crush, the three authors agreed to share with me – and you – some writing advice. The question I asked them was the following one: What advice do you have for aspiring writers? And here are their answers!

Tara Frejas, who wrote Almost There

“I’ve come across a lot of helpful writing advice when I started independently publishing my books (and even before that), but I think one of the most important is to write a book that YOU would want to read. Don’t obsess about being read by a million people yet, just write a book that appeals to you. Write about something you are passionate about, something that inspires you. That story you’ve been keeping in your head (your heart) for god-knows-how-long because you’re afraid no one will like it? Write that. The process of getting picked up and read by someone may come slow and frustrating, but someone will find your story someday and love it the way you do, and they will tell you in a bunch of ways how much your story has touched them. And it will be worth it.”

Six de los Reyes, who wrote Ocean Eyes

“My advice is plain and simple, as it was told to me when I first started writing.

Read more, write more, live more, and don’t give up. Writing is hard work, like any other endeavor. Unless you write, nothing gets written. Do good in school, keep working, be mindful of your surroundings, and always be aware of what’s going on. Everything can be used in a book. Make mistakes, learn from them, and finish that book.

Hope that helps!”

Jay E. Tria, who wrote Summer Crush

“Write from the heart. Sounds cheesy but this is true. Write something not because you feel like you have to write about it, maybe not even to prove something, but because the story fills you up and makes you kilig, and spending time with the words and the people in your head makes you happy. For me, that’s the only way you’re sure to never run out of stories to tell!”

Thank you so much to all three of them for sharing these amazing words ♥

I talk about Summer Crush some more in this post, and I will post my full review by the end of the blog tour!


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