Shattered Girls: My Review


First of all, huge send to the author for sending me a copy of her bok in exchange for a honest review! Shattered Girls is the sequel of Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty. It was published in June 2016.

Genre: YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy
My rating: ★★★★☆

Warning: Spoilers for Broken Dolls!

The story:

At the end of Broken Dolls, Ella decides to become a doll again. But it ends up causing more trouble than she ever expected. Gabby is now a lonely teenager, who hasn’t seen her grandfather in ages. Her parents have disappeared, and new dolls – way too similar to Ella for it to be a coincidence – start appearing everywhere and gathering attention.

To fight against the mysterious company behind all of this, Gabby and Ella have only one solution: turn to crazy aunt Sianne, and the unexpected help of someone the would rather have avoided…

My opinion:

I really enjoyed Broken Dolls, but I think I enjoyed Shattered Girls even more. The first story was well rounded, and I didn’t really know what to expect from this one. It took me by surprise, and I really loved it. This book is so refreshing and original, and it’s full of crazy plot twists: you’ll never get tired while reading it.

Both volumes are told from the perspective of doll-Ella, which I found sometimes extremely frustrating at first, however, in the second volume, I really enjoyed it. Ella goes through a great character development, and it was so enjoyable to read, to see her grow and learn from her past mistakes. I really loved seeing her evolve, and really like who she has become.

I also really liked the fact that however perfect a little girl she was, Gabby still grew up to be a realistic, moody teen who didn’t get on well with her parents. It was also interesting to have a new perspective on this world. While in the first book, we mostly see Ella and Gabby evolving in the house of the professor, in this one, we get to see at first Gabby’s school, and also the world in general, which was a really great addition to the universe. I liked seeing old characters come back to the story, and I liked meeting new ones, adding new things to this crazy amazing universe.

Overall, this was a really great sequel, part of an amazingly original universe – I’ve never read anything else like it and it’s very refreshing. We also have great character developments and plot twists. Shattered Girls is a quick, easy read and I definitely recommend you check it out. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

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