Mental Health Month: Week 4

Okay so first of all I can’t believe it’s already the fourth week of May, but let’s move past that and procede to what really matters here. If you haven’t followed my previous posts, mental health is a subject really dear to my heart, as I have seen how it can affect friends, family members, and of course myself as I suffer from depression and anxiety. Mental health is more frequent than you think, and yet people misjudge it often. It feels like a taboo, and it’s hard to talk about it. But it shouldn’t be.

Prompt for this week:
Post it for the future
Committing to continuous reflection and improvement

I like how optimistic the theme for this week is.

I was actually talking about the future with my new therapist last week, among other things, as it is something that bothers and worries me a lot. I’m actually talking about it a lot with everyone these days, and the common thing getting out of this is that I should try things rather than assuming I would get rejected before even trying. I promised one of my friends I would send at least five job applications for next year. I’m planning on moving in with a friend when I go back to Paris, rather than moving back with my parents.

But what I really wanted to talk about is something simple and concrete. Last semester, I had most my classes in the afternoon, and I often would sleep until noon and later feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything at all that day. At some point, I was congratulating myself when I got out of my dorm to buy some groceries. So one day I decided it had to stop. Let’s be more healthy – at least to some extent. I now set my alarm at 9 every day – except if I have to get up earlier of course. I can this way get some sleep, and not feel like I get up ridiculously early, and still have time to actually have a productive day. And it works.

The thing is, my body – as everyone else – really need to have a schedule. And waking up every day around the same time really helps you fucntion better. One of the things I really want to improve is the amoun of work I can get done. So I will try to make a schedule for my studies as well, and hopefully, I can work more productively and peacefully. This is really something I want to try out, and I hope it works.

I hope you also find ways to get out of bed everyday, and do what you need to do. And maybe it will not work all the time, but it’s also okay to have some off days where you stay in your pyjamas and binge watch Netflix or Dramafever or anything that you like to watch.

bellarke hug

Stay strong, you can get through this!



7 thoughts on “Mental Health Month: Week 4

  1. I had a really hard time with that this semester as well. I was sleeping a ton but still felt constantly exhausted, and it was affecting my productivity on both school and personal projects. It’s such a painful cycle to get into – feeling unproductive and exhausted and therefore worthless and trying to sleep it off, but you can never seem to kick it.

    I’ve started using some productivity apps lately – namely, Productivity Challenge Timer on my phone (lets you track your focused work sessions and see stats on how much you’re getting done at what time) and RescueTime on my computer (tells you how much time every day you’re spending on various apps/websites, so you can stop having this sense of ‘where does the time go?’). I find those external motivators/trackers useful, since my sense of time tends to go wonky when I’m struggling. I’ve also worked harder on getting into a regular sleep schedule. It’s really helped so far!

    Wishing you all the best, and thanks again for writing such a wonderful series. xx

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    1. I know how you feel, and it’s just the worst. Thanks for the app recommendations! I can also recommend SAM app to keep track of how you feel, and forest app to help you focus (it basically helps you stay away from your phone). I wish you all the best as well, stay strong!

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