Top 5 Tuesday: Bookish Habits

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @ The Bionic Book Worm. I’m definitely not as active as I wanted to be this month, so I’m really glad that I found about it because it gives me the inspiration I am so desperately lacking. And without further ado, here comes a ramble about some of my messy bookish habits! ♥

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Reading in public transports

Definitely number one on this list, reading in public transports is, for some reason, my favourit things to do. So much so that I’d rather spend one hour in public transports to go to work, rather than drive for twenty minutes. In a way, it allows me to take a break and I just love it.

Reading with a hot drink

Whether at a coffee place, or with a blanket at home, I love having a latte or a cup of tea with my book. And yes, that is basically the ultimate bookworm cliché, but isn’t it just perfectly nice and cosy?

Sharing pictures of my books

I’ve been doing this pretty much since 2015 and it has become a whole part of my reading process. First of all, it’s nice to scream into the void how much I love my current read. And second of all, it helps me keep track of everything I have read which is nice. I now have organised threads on Twitter of all the books I have read for the past two or three years, and I feel so put together when I look at them. And in addition to that, of course there’s Goodreads.

Using ANYTHING BUT a bookmark… as a bookmark

I’m going to be very honest with you. I own HUNDREDS of bookmarks. Some fancier than others, some of them from bookdepository, etc. But what are you most likely to find in between the pages of my books? Well as of lately, the answers to that is coasters I have taken from my favourite beer bar. So much for the fancy bookmarks.

And of course, reading before bed ♥

This was my favourite thing to do as a kid. Read during the hours of the night. Forget about bedtime. Read Twilight twice in a row and go to bed at 3am. Quickly switch of the light when I heard my mom’s footsteps in the corridor. There was a bit of excitement to it, and for some reason, it made me feel like a grown up. More often than not I find myself scrolling through my phone before going to bed nowadays. But on the rare occasion that I pick up a book before going to bed, I feel super nostalgic.

And that’s it for today! Thank you so much for reading my ramble, and feel free to share your favourite reading habits in the comments!

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