Thoughts on The 100 S5E04

As promised, here’s this week’s video!


Thoughts on The 100 S5E03

I’m trying this thing where I post a video about the latest episode of The 100 every week, because I absolutely love this show, and this season is honestly much more promising than the two previous ones so far, so here are my thoughts on episode 3 if you are interested!

Life and Reading Update

I will supposedly be presenting my thesis in about a month, and then be finished with my studies, so life is a bit crazy right now, in between my few classes left, yoga classes, my job, strikes everywhere in Paris right now, and of course the whole studying thing!

I still managed to read some books in April, here’s a wrap up video:

Books I read in April:

Marie Curie by Demi ★★★★☆
Marie Curie: The Radium Fairy by Chantal Montellier and Renaud Hyunh ★★★★☆
My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante ★★★☆☆
City of Glass by Cassandra Clare ★★★★☆
by Toni Morrison ★★★★☆
Wires and Nerve vol.2 by Marrissa Meyer ★★★★★
Wonder Woman vol.5: Flesh by Brian Azzarello ★★★★☆
Carrie Fisher Biography by Chris Dicker ★★★☆☆

Books I’m currently reading:

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward
City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
My Brilliant Friend #2 by Elena Ferrante

In case you weren’t aware, my favourite TV show aka The 100 is back with its fifth season, and here’s a video of my thoughts and feelings on episode 2!

Thanks for watching!

Spoilery Thoughts On Riverdale

I have so many thoughts on what has been going on lately on Riverdale, I need to get it off my chest. Tumblr hashtags are not enough to talk about all I have been feeling

It’s going to be a bit all over the place I’m afraid, and of course there will be spoilers, so beware. (I am fully aware that this article is a mess, but I wanted to share my thoughts so feel free to share yours, and I am also quite aware that I probably haven’t covered everything I wanted to mention, but as you wil see, this article is long enough…)

First of all I am delighted to see Toni and Cheryl together – I have been a huge and loyal fan of Toni since she appeared on the show – but if only we could actually see them together, that would be great. That being said, Toni’s outfits in the latest episode was SO ON POINT, I feel like I have been blessed. (And on a side note, my hair is not pink enough!!!) The CW is known to do his lesbians/bisexuals dirty (#clexa #the100) but I’m really hoping they won’t let me down here.

And while I’m talking about my queer babies, I was pretty sure that Kevin and Fangs were dating but apparently I was wrong considering Fangs admitted he was seeing Midge before she died, which both makes and doesn’t make sense in my opinion, I have many thoughts on that. Midge was dating Moose who was closeted, so I can imagine their relationship was not enough for her or whatever. And when Moose admitted he had figured out she was cheating on him, everyone believed that he did not kill her (though her cheating on him would be a motive, no matter how harmless this dude looks). However when Fangs says he didn’t do it, everyone seems to not believe him (mostly the Bulldogs but whatever, I’m pissed) while THE GIRL HE PROBABLY HAD FEELINGS FOR WAS JUST MURDERED FOR GOD’S SAKE AND HE DOESN’T EVEN EVEN HAVE A MOTIVE YOU DUMMIES.

Anywho. The more I watch this show, the less it makes sense. Don’t even get me started on the whole Chic (Chick?) was a fake and actually killed Betty’s real brother who by the way was also Jughead’s brother, and is no one bothered by the fact that Alice maybe doesn’t want her daughter to date Jughead because she used to date his father and for some reason in the small gossipy town of Riverdale no one seems to know about this, I don’t have words for how confused this show makes me feel sometimes.

Oh and I started talking about Kevin but I got off track. I feel like he has been really out of character lately to be honest. He seems like a genuinely kind person, and I’m still baffled by the fact that he is part of the wrestling team (doesn’t make sense? or is it just me?). And like, he was part of the Bulldogs/Dark Circle crowd in the last episode lately (or is it the Black Circle? I thought it was the Red Circle? what. the. fuck.) and that, again, seems out of character. I don’t know guys, I’m just confused. Also Joaquin is back out of nowhere and I just figured out how to write his name, let me tell you I didn’t expect that because that is so not how you would pronounce it in Frenche but anywho YOUR LOCAL BOOKWORM IS HOPING FOR A REUNION BETWEEN THOSE TWO.

What else did I want to complain about? Oh boy, what the hell is wrong with you Archibald Andrews, stop with the whole Hiram Lodge thing it doesn’t make goddamn sense like, this dude just got out of jail and wants to build a jail in your home town, this dude is a godforsaken crimminal and you just roll with his bullshit, he could be behind the Black Hood for all we know (fyi said blackhood is supposedly going after sinners, why not after the Lodge who are part of some kind of insane Mafia???). Archie is so confusing, I feel like he has become this new person that I don’t understand (gosh it sounds like we’re dating, he’s not even my type, Toni is my type in case you were wondering). WHATEVER. Just cut the crap Archie, this relationship with dangerously evil man crimminal Hiram Lodge has been going on for way too long. The whole “mafia” business just doesn’t make sense to me, unless we are getting Hiram back in prison by the end of this season.

Also what the fudge (sorry I’ve been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt lately) is the deal with the Black Hood? I get that Archie thought he got the wrong guy, and admittedly, it seemed plausible though the guy who got shot also seemed guilty of some weird shit, but then we don’t see him for forever and just think this is all past us??? And then he’s back but different or whatever??? I am so confused by this show you guys I’m starting to wonder why I’m even watching (the answer is: Toni and Cheryl) (and I have to admit I also have a soft spot for Jughead). Who the fork (#TheGoodPlace reference) is the BLACKHOOD and what is their deal? Your girl wants answers!

About the whole “is Hal the Black Hood” thingy, this dude is fishy and I have disliked him since the beginning (btw Alice and FP together would be great, just sayin). We seem to have great proof against him. However there are also some facts that prove he may not be the Blackhood, for instance the fact that he was with Betty during the shooting. But maybe there are several Blackhoods. (I for some time thought that it might be the sheriff, but then again, probably not). I am also wondering, if Hal is not the Blackhood then who is? Also Betty clearly said she was with Cherly when they found the book in his secret hideout or whatnot, so it WOULD make sense that if Hal was the Blackhood he would go after Cheryl. But then, who is knocking on the door where Betty is? And did she figure out something that I missed? To be honest, after watching the next episode preview, I’m starting to consider the fact that Hal might be the original Blackhood, and maybe some other dudes started pretending to be the Blackhood just for the sake of destroying/killing people.

Great return of Mayor/Attorney McCoy in this episode, though where is Josie? I miss my girl. And while I’m talking about people we’re missing, are we going to know what happened to Chic? Will we ever see Polly and her weird-named babies? Also what the fudge happened to the boy scout who sold a gun to Archie? Is he secretly the one selling guns to everyone because oh boy, everyone seems to have guns in this show, what the fuck is wrong with you people, and why is it lawful in America to have guns like that (yes I know, that’s a whole other topic BUT CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW PROBLEMATIC IT IS). Who gave Reggie a goddamn gun, and also who pulled the trigger on Fangs???

Don’t even get me started on how nonsensical to have a whole musical episode, it doesn’t even make sense, but that was a while ago now, so let’s just forget about the whole mess that this episode was. It was even crazier than having Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones, if you want my honest opinion on the question.

By the by, I am delighted to see that Vanessa Morgan – aka my queen Toni Topaz – will be a series regular in season 3! (However I did NOT LIKE WHAT I SAW IN THE NEXT EP PREVIEW)

I could talk for hours about what the fork is wrong with the Lodge family, and what the fudge are the Gullies, where were they, why are they back, why is this show leaving so much shit unanswered it’s just unhealthy but I’m going to stop. Thank YOU if you read this rant from beginning to end, you deserve the world! (And I hope next week’s episode doesn’t disappoint!)

See ya ♥

Life Update: Some Videos!

Hi bookworms! I realised I haven’t posted in quite some time however I did manage to post two videos on my Booktube channel, so if you’d like, here they are!

I have a Nerdy Post Box unboxing, featuring the Fantasy theme:

And a rant about the new premiere of The 100! Season 5 is finally here, after all this time, and I have some thoughts:

Bisexual Representation in TV Shows: A Rant

Today I’m here with a topic that is a little bit different but has grown very dear to me. I know it has already been discussed but I still wanted to give my opinion on things that I, as a bisexual person, find good or offensive or anything in between.

This is me, being offended and trying not to be offensive.

Before you go any further, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to discuss four different shows: Friends, Outlander, The 100 and Orange is the New Back, so in case you want to avoid spoilers on any of those, you might want to stop reading. Now you have been warned.

In a world where we need more diverse representation, it’s even harder to get the good kind of representation. There’s also the question of whether it’s better to have bad rep than no rep at all which is also quite problematic but I’m not going to discuss that question because I’m just here to talk about the problematic stuff I may have encountered. TV shows have often been blamed for killing off their gay characters (as well as people of colour) for schock value, and while it is a big problem, it’s far for being the only one when it comes to representation. While shows tend to include more gay characters (though let’s not get too excited about that, because we’re not quite there yet) there is something else that fails to be as common – at least in my opinion – and that is good bisexual representation.

The first show I wanted to discuss is Friends because I absolutely love this show, and I am currently rewatching season one. As much as I love it, I also recognize it has many flaws, the lack of diversity definitely being one of them. And there is one that particularly bothers me, and that is Carol, Ross’s ex wife, who left him for another woman. The thing is, this whole situation includes a lot of amazing elements. I absolutely love Carol and Susanne, and I love the fact that they get married and raise a kid together. All the more so considering Friends started some twenty years ago. There is however something that is overlooked: the fact that Carol is most likely bisexual. Like, come on, she clearly used to love Ross, and they have been together for eight years. They got married. She tells him at some point when she is pregnant that she did love him, but moved on. And it’s not even implied that she might be bisexual or pansexual? Ross keeps saying stuff like “Carol has become a lesbian” which I find incredibly offensive. First of all, you don’t “become a lesbian” like you become, say, a teacher for example. (There is also this episode when the Geller parents are saying that he should have guessed long ago that she was a lesbian or something… I call bullshit. She did love him. But love doesn’t always last forever.) And second of all, tell me if I’m wrong, but the sheer possibility of Carol being bisexual or pansexul isn’t even mentioned in the show, while she clearly is? Sexuality is fluid, it can change, it just happens. But “becoming a lesbian” is a very, very bad formulation. Carol loves men and women. She is most likely bisexual, or pansexual, and it’s a pity it’s not mentioned in the show.

When you are bisexual, or pansexual, and you fall in love with someone, you don’t choose a gender, you choose a person. You don’t stop loving women because you’re dating a man, and vice versa. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The second show I wanted to discuss is Outlander. I have watched the first season and I do not plan on continuing any further because so many things about it make me uncomfortable. I am also reading the first book, but I’m not sure I will even finish it. I absolutely love the concept of the story and the whole time-travel thing but it has so many things that make me uncomfortable, I just can’t anymore. Of course Claire’s situation is intense and complicated and I’m not going to discuss that. But the show includes romanticized rape and I have no time to deal with that. It is just disturbing. And then there is the matter of Captain Randall, the arch-villain of the story, who SPOILERS rapes or attempts to rape (I don’t even know anymore at this point) both Claire and Jaime, which again is disturbing. So yeah, the guy really seems to like sex. And is a super villain. And is really into raping people apparently. There is too much disturbing things when it comes to him though I thought he might at least partly be misunderstood (though this doesn’t excuse any of his deeds. Again, I only base myself on season one.)

Anyway. What I wanted to discuss is the fact that Captain Randall, the (presumably) bisexual character of the show, is the villain. He is the bad person who wants it all and who wants to have sex with both men and women. (Just like Carol is the bad woman who broke Ross’s heart.) And we fall into this trope again, where bisexual are villains, are most likely to cheat, and just want to have sex. This is because of representations like this one that there are so many prejudice about bisexual people (admitedly when people accept that we exist). And it’s a pity.

The next show I wanted to discuss is Orange is the New Black which is, again, a show that I have not finished yet, but unlike Outlander, I haven’t given up on it so far, I just didn’t get the time to carry on. I am honestly bothered by several things that come up in Piper’s portrayal when it comes to her sexuality: on the one hand, there is Alex saying “I shouldn’t have fallen for a straight girl” and on the other hand we have Larry saying “I didn’t know you used to be a lesbian”. And again, sexuality is fluid, and you don’t necessarily have it all figured out, and it’s not a bad thing, and it doesn’t make what you feel invalid. (If you have it all figured out then kudos, you’re doing amazing sweetie!) It is so obvious that Piper is bisexual (or pansexual obviously) and yet it hasn’t really been mentioned, and there are so many clichés, it’s frustrating. Now I know I haven’t seen everything yet, and I’m planning on doing so, meanwhile hoping it gets better.

And finally, one more show I wanted to discuss is The 100. It has been called out for killing off POC and gay characters as well as a bunch of clichés which definitely are present, and I won’t deny no matter how much I love this show (sometimes I’m not even sure why I like it to be honest but anyway). One good thing about The 100 is that it has an openly bisexual lead character, and while it has never been officially stated in the show that she is bisexual, she has been romantically and sexually involved with both male and female characters on screen without her sexuality being questioned (like Carol or Piper) and this is something I greatly appreciate. I know this show can have many problematic aspects but at least it is doing okay when it comes to bisexual rep as far as I’m concerned, and it feels good to have a character I can identify with, at least to some extent.

And that’s about it for what I wanted to discuss today. It has been a bit longer than I expected at first but I got a bit carried away and I hope you enjoyed anyway. Maybe this article was offensive (I hope not), but I am offended and I feel like this needed to be discussed. I just wanted to add a little perspective on all of this. These shows overall contain a lot of great stuff, but there is still the matter of the bisexual representation that bothered me and I wanted to let it out. Please feel free to comment if you want. Let me know if you know of any show with good bisexual representation that I should watch! And that being said, I hope you have a wondeful day ♥