Thoughts And Feelings On DARK

It’s been a while since I last talked about TV shows on here so I thought I would share this video I just uploaded on my YouTube channel, where I babble about Netflix’s German show DARK.


Bisexual Representation in TV Shows: A Rant

Today I’m here with a topic that is a little bit different but has grown very dear to me. I know it has already been discussed but I still wanted to give my opinion on things that I, as a bisexual person, find good or offensive or anything in between.

This is me, being offended and trying not to be offensive.

Before you go any further, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to discuss four different shows: Friends, Outlander, The 100 and Orange is the New Back, so in case you want to avoid spoilers on any of those, you might want to stop reading. Now you have been warned.

In a world where we need more diverse representation, it’s even harder to get the good kind of representation. There’s also the question of whether it’s better to have bad rep than no rep at all which is also quite problematic but I’m not going to discuss that question because I’m just here to talk about the problematic stuff I may have encountered. TV shows have often been blamed for killing off their gay characters (as well as people of colour) for schock value, and while it is a big problem, it’s far for being the only one when it comes to representation. While shows tend to include more gay characters (though let’s not get too excited about that, because we’re not quite there yet) there is something else that fails to be as common – at least in my opinion – and that is good bisexual representation.

The first show I wanted to discuss is Friends because I absolutely love this show, and I am currently rewatching season one. As much as I love it, I also recognize it has many flaws, the lack of diversity definitely being one of them. And there is one that particularly bothers me, and that is Carol, Ross’s ex wife, who left him for another woman. The thing is, this whole situation includes a lot of amazing elements. I absolutely love Carol and Susanne, and I love the fact that they get married and raise a kid together. All the more so considering Friends started some twenty years ago. There is however something that is overlooked: the fact that Carol is most likely bisexual. Like, come on, she clearly used to love Ross, and they have been together for eight years. They got married. She tells him at some point when she is pregnant that she did love him, but moved on. And it’s not even implied that she might be bisexual or pansexual? Ross keeps saying stuff like “Carol has become a lesbian” which I find incredibly offensive. First of all, you don’t “become a lesbian” like you become, say, a teacher for example. (There is also this episode when the Geller parents are saying that he should have guessed long ago that she was a lesbian or something… I call bullshit. She did love him. But love doesn’t always last forever.) And second of all, tell me if I’m wrong, but the sheer possibility of Carol being bisexual or pansexul isn’t even mentioned in the show, while she clearly is? Sexuality is fluid, it can change, it just happens. But “becoming a lesbian” is a very, very bad formulation. Carol loves men and women. She is most likely bisexual, or pansexual, and it’s a pity it’s not mentioned in the show.

When you are bisexual, or pansexual, and you fall in love with someone, you don’t choose a gender, you choose a person. You don’t stop loving women because you’re dating a man, and vice versa. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The second show I wanted to discuss is Outlander. I have watched the first season and I do not plan on continuing any further because so many things about it make me uncomfortable. I am also reading the first book, but I’m not sure I will even finish it. I absolutely love the concept of the story and the whole time-travel thing but it has so many things that make me uncomfortable, I just can’t anymore. Of course Claire’s situation is intense and complicated and I’m not going to discuss that. But the show includes romanticized rape and I have no time to deal with that. It is just disturbing. And then there is the matter of Captain Randall, the arch-villain of the story, who SPOILERS rapes or attempts to rape (I don’t even know anymore at this point) both Claire and Jaime, which again is disturbing. So yeah, the guy really seems to like sex. And is a super villain. And is really into raping people apparently. There is too much disturbing things when it comes to him though I thought he might at least partly be misunderstood (though this doesn’t excuse any of his deeds. Again, I only base myself on season one.)

Anyway. What I wanted to discuss is the fact that Captain Randall, the (presumably) bisexual character of the show, is the villain. He is the bad person who wants it all and who wants to have sex with both men and women. (Just like Carol is the bad woman who broke Ross’s heart.) And we fall into this trope again, where bisexual are villains, are most likely to cheat, and just want to have sex. This is because of representations like this one that there are so many prejudice about bisexual people (admitedly when people accept that we exist). And it’s a pity.

The next show I wanted to discuss is Orange is the New Black which is, again, a show that I have not finished yet, but unlike Outlander, I haven’t given up on it so far, I just didn’t get the time to carry on. I am honestly bothered by several things that come up in Piper’s portrayal when it comes to her sexuality: on the one hand, there is Alex saying “I shouldn’t have fallen for a straight girl” and on the other hand we have Larry saying “I didn’t know you used to be a lesbian”. And again, sexuality is fluid, and you don’t necessarily have it all figured out, and it’s not a bad thing, and it doesn’t make what you feel invalid. (If you have it all figured out then kudos, you’re doing amazing sweetie!) It is so obvious that Piper is bisexual (or pansexual obviously) and yet it hasn’t really been mentioned, and there are so many clichés, it’s frustrating. Now I know I haven’t seen everything yet, and I’m planning on doing so, meanwhile hoping it gets better.

And finally, one more show I wanted to discuss is The 100. It has been called out for killing off POC and gay characters as well as a bunch of clichés which definitely are present, and I won’t deny no matter how much I love this show (sometimes I’m not even sure why I like it to be honest but anyway). One good thing about The 100 is that it has an openly bisexual lead character, and while it has never been officially stated in the show that she is bisexual, she has been romantically and sexually involved with both male and female characters on screen without her sexuality being questioned (like Carol or Piper) and this is something I greatly appreciate. I know this show can have many problematic aspects but at least it is doing okay when it comes to bisexual rep as far as I’m concerned, and it feels good to have a character I can identify with, at least to some extent.

And that’s about it for what I wanted to discuss today. It has been a bit longer than I expected at first but I got a bit carried away and I hope you enjoyed anyway. Maybe this article was offensive (I hope not), but I am offended and I feel like this needed to be discussed. I just wanted to add a little perspective on all of this. These shows overall contain a lot of great stuff, but there is still the matter of the bisexual representation that bothered me and I wanted to let it out. Please feel free to comment if you want. Let me know if you know of any show with good bisexual representation that I should watch! And that being said, I hope you have a wondeful day ♥

Let’s talk about TV Shows

I have been watching a lot of new TV shows lately and I really wanted to talk about them here, because I really love them.


First of all, I am really excited because the new season of The 100 has finally started! I absolutely enjoyed the first episode, and made a short video with some of my thoughts on it. You can watch it here if you’d like. I’m really glad with the direction this season is taking. The fact that Roan got to be king made me really happy, and I’m really impressed by Echo, though I’m still not sure I whether I like her or not. Her relationship with Bellamy is definitely something I would like to see more of. I love how we see lots of character developement, with Murphy for example, and Clarke talking about Lexa with her mom (that was beautiful). I also really like the relationship with Bellamy and Kane, and I wish we see more of them working together this season. I’m absolutely glad to see that Monty and Harper are still together, whatever haters say, I really like their relationship, it’s really refreshing compared to the rest of the drama on this show. And they definitely deserve to be happy. On the other hand, I am really worried about Jasper and Raven, PLEASE LET THEM BE HAPPY I AM BEGGING YOU. Anyway, here are some thoughts. I might talk about this show more often now that it’s airing again, because in case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with this show… Now you’re warned!

Anyway. For today, The 100 is not the only thing I wanted to discuss.

New Girl - Fifth Season Imdb Flag

In January I binge-watched the four seasons of New Girl available on Netflix, and I absolutely fell in love with this show. Now I’m just waiting for them to allow Europe to watch the rest of the show. Everything is hilarious, and the characters are beautiful and relatable. For some reason, it really makes me want to accomplish something good with my life, and it sure does feel good.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine DVD Release Date

I also started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, after hearing so much about it on Tumblr, and I have to say, I don’t regret it one bit. I am currently in the second season and I absolutely love it.

Review by TelevisionFanboy | A Series of Unfortunate Events | SideReel

One more show I watched, and one I had been awaiting for a while, and you have most likely heard about it as well if you are part of the bookish community: it’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read the books a long time ago, and though I enjoyed them, they also left me really frustrated. They can get really depressing – as the author/narrator warned us constantly – and sometimes I just wanted the Baudelaire orphans to be happy. But I have to say, the first season that was released by Netflix was absolutly fantastic. Shit happens all the time, as expected, but you can’t help but love the children, and keep hoping for the best (the show keeps doing that to you, only to destroy your life better afterwards). I know a lot of people absolutely loved this series, and I probably didn’t like them as much as they did (especially the last books). But I have to say, I absolutely adore the TV Show so far and I can’t wait for next season!

Starz Sets Outlander Premiere - Plus: Official Poster Shows Claire ...

Another TV Show I have picked up again recently is Outlander. I started it back in 2015, and I’m still in the middle of season 1 because I also want to read the books. But for now, I picked it up again, and I will probably finish at least season 1 this month! I really love this show – though I have seen lots of spoilers by now – and it doesn’t fail to make me swoon and fangirl every time, so I can’t wait to see more. I am really in love with this show, I don’t know why I haven’t finished it yet…

Shadowhunters poster

I am also watching Shadowhunters every week (though I still have read only the first book in The Mortal Instruments, I know, shame on me) and I have to say, I really enjoy it. Some episodes are better than others, but I really loved last week’s with the relationship between Alec and Clary developing. Some (weird?) people ship them, and I absolutely don’t BUT I really want to see them being friends. They are definitely an interesting pair in my opinion. I’m also really curious about what Aldertree is doing to Isabelle, because that potion thing doesn’t seem like good news (I think it appears in one of the books, I know I should read them). Anyway, I know my opinion can be really different from that of people who have read the books, but as a novice, I really enjoy this show!

Riverdale - Promos, Posters, Interviews & Cast Promotional Photos ...

Finally, I also started Netflix’s new show Riverdale. I only watched the first episode as I write this article, and for like 90% I wasn’t sure what to think of it, and didn’t know whether I should continue or not, BUT the ending definitely made me want to know more, and for now, I will be watching this one as well!


And finally, I saw that Netflix added to more seasons of The Big Bang Theory and it’s been a while since I wanted to catch up with this show, so I will probably be watching this in the near future as well.

So many books, so little time. So many shows, so little time… But I will manage. Are you watching any of these shows? If so, what are your thoughts? I would love to hear about it in the comments, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

The 100 Season 4 Trailer Reaction

The trailer for the new season of The 100 was just released this week, and if you are not new to this blog, you may know that I am obsessed with this show. I truly am. Even if it never fails to break my heart.

I talked about it a lot on here last year when season 3 aired, and now it’s going to be back in February, and we have been provided with a trailer! And I just did something that I always wanted to do: I filmed a trailer reaction. So if you want to watch it, here is the video!!

I have so many feels about all my babies favourite characters and I can tell this season is going to be awesome, maybe even better than season 3 (which I still won’t dare to rewatch because it will shatter my heart into a million pieces once again).

Anyway, I am really excited about this. Please come faster, February!

And in the meantime, if you love The 100 and want to talk about it, please feel free to comment! Have a nice day ♥

I finally watched Friends

So apparently 2016 is the year I watch all the sitcoms I have missed out since I was born. First How I Met, and I just finished watching Friends last week. (I am now watching The Big Bang Theory but it will be the topic of another article later!)

I know I haven’t posted many book reviews recently, but don’t worry, they will come around. When I find the motivation.

My conclusion after watching Friends can be summed up in two points:
* Why did I not watch this show sooner?
* And why on Earth did they stop the show? It is so good! I miss it already and it’s only been a few days! (And yes, I am weak, I cried during the finale)

So yeah, I have watched 10 seasons in a few months, and I am left with all the feels.

On the one hand, I loved it, and I wish I could watch it forever. But on the other hand, it made me want to achieve things with my life. Spend more time with my friends (which I did a lot recently, but since I’m moving abroad next year, I guess I’ll have to make new friends…). It made me want to do what I like, and it’s maybe part of what made me really want to work with books, because this is what I like. And it made me want to find the right person to spend my life with…

Anyway. This show is genius. Once again, I don’t know why I didn’t watch it sooner. But maybe it was the right time for me to watch it now, as I become an adult myself (oh this is scary). The characters are hilarious and relatable. The storyline is simple, and I love everything that happens in this show… I guess I’ll have to rewatch it someday!

The whole leaving the appartment thing and the keys and everything… Really broke my heart. This show just made me want to watch it forever and also live such friendships and life twists. Oh boy. I really have been missing out.

This article has no point but to say how much I love Friends. So here it is. I love Friends.

(This show turned me into an emotional mess, I don’t know what to say.)

Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 6

I was really looking forward to write this article, but now that I’m actually doing it I don’t even know where to start or what to say… Anyway, this season was my favourite so far (at least I think so. I liked it much better than the previous one!) and though I was getting tired at the end of S5 now I’m totally back on track and I can’t wait for the next season! If I muster my courage I will also try and finish the books by next year… But anyway, back to business!


I really like the fact that this season is finally giving some true power to our ladies instead of having them raped. Of course, we had Daenerys but her plot was getting boring, and now she finally got some action (that did not include ride her dragons or survive a fire). The alliance with the Greyjoys was totally unexpected, and I totally love the idea, especially since I totally love Yara as a queen. Though yeah, she has not been chosen by her people, but that’s only a matter of time. At least I hope so. And it’s also good to see Theon getting his mind back, but back to the ladies.

We have Dany and Yara totally ruling their job. Margery was also awesome this season, though we didn’t see her much. I was really looking forward to see what her plan was with the High Sparrow and everything, but someone had other plans in mind… And that’s a waste if I have to be honest. I already despised Cersei (though not that much with that season) and now I just plainly hate her. I can’t stand her. I’m totally disappointed by this. However that was still an interesting plot twist, because we all have to admit, Tommen was not a really strong king. Though I totally didn’t see his suicide coming. But I guess the writers had to make the story move on…

But back to our ladies, because I am not done with them. We saw Melisandre getting weaker, until she left, and I couldn’t help but feel sad, even though part of me still hates her because of all the people she killed supposedly for the lord of lights. She is still a very interesting character and I hope we will see more of her, because now that we know she is an old lady, it cannot be the end of her! And once again, we got our strong Northern ladies. Arya is finally coming home and getting through with her revenge. That episode with Lord Frey was totally amazing, it’s really good to have her back… and mastering the art of the faceless gods! I’m totally excited for what is awaiting her, and I really want her to be back with Sansa.

Speaking of Sansa, she was extremely awesome this season. She has always been one of my favourite characters, and this season totally overpassed my expectations, with what of finally being back and and at peace with Jon, getting the Lords of the Vale to fight Ramsay, and then killing Ramsay, and finally rejecting Littlefinger. I was totally ready to have her crowned Queen in the North in the season finale, and I have to admit I’m a bit bummed by what happened. The fact that they accept Jon, a bastard, as their king is great. But really, I wanted Sansa to be crowned, she completely deserves it. Jon was supporting her and suddenly BAM he becomes king… I totally didn’t see that coming.

But anyway, we will get to see more of Sansa Badass Stark in the next season, or at least, we better. The last awesome lady I wanted to mention is Lyanna Mormont. We have all noticed that kid who can talk better than grown men, and supported the Starks without second thoughts. I really like the fact that we have some more Mormont characters introduced on the show, because they are definitely interesting, and oh boy, this kid is just amazing!

More stuff I liked:

* Davos becomeing Jon’s right hand just like that
* Arya killing the blonde bitch
* Jaime and Brienne
* Lady Olenna getting her shit together even though she has no family left that we know of and forming an alliance with the Sand Snakes because why not
* Tyrion swearing allegiance to Daenerys and becoming the Hand of the Queen
* Pod is still alive
* Jon finally cut his hair
* Bran’s plot omg how could I forget that! First of all, I’m so glad we have him back this season, and I totally love his plot. He learns so many interesting things, and so do we which is great. He is not the three eyed raven which I supposed is pretty badass. We finally learned who his true parents were. We finally confirmend that Benjen Stark was not dead, and I expect we have not seen the end of him. And Bran is going home!

* Daenerys has finally managed to form strong alliances and is finally sailing to Weteros. There are more and more interconnections between the characters and I just love it. Team badass is going to take the Iron Throne, and Tyrion is going to get his revenge on his sister! (oh and I just love the friendship between Varys and Tyrion)

Now, a few things which broke my heart I disliked:

* Hold the door
* Rickon’s death
* Bringing back (supposedly?) dead character like Edmure and the Hound for no reason when there are already so many things happening
* Margery and Loras were totally wasted in that last episode

Overall, so many things happened, I loved it, and I can’t wait for next season! (And I finally managed to get a proper article together, damn , I was planning on writing this on Monday so I could post other things this week…) Anyway, feel free to comment with your opinion below, I would love to discuss the show! Have a nice day!

I finally watched HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Hello lovelies! This is a post I have been meaning to make for the past few weeks, and I am finally getting around it. All my friends watched HIMYM when we were in High School, but I didn’t watch many shows at the time, except for Kdramas, so I never got around it… Until a while ago in February. I finished binge watching it in May and now I’m basically doing the same with Doctor Who… Anyway, back to business.

How I Met Your Mother poster

If you don’t know the story, it evolves around a group of friends in their thirties: Marshall and Lily who have been together since their first year of college (he’s an aspiring environmental laywer, she’s a kindergarden teacher), Robin who is a Canadian news anchor, Barney who is a total player with an unknow well-paying job, and Ted, the narrator, who is an architect, and is supposed to tell his kids the story of how he met their mother, except on the way, he tells them many other things.

HIMYM is a nine seasons sitcom, and it’s absolutely hilarious. It aired between 2005 and 2014, and follows the characters for about three decades between the flashbacks anc everything. Yes, it can be a bit repetitive sometimes, but I found it totally worth it.

I’m in love with all the characters, and their friendship is just so amazing. It makes me want to keep my friends forever and just become old and stay funny together (okay, sometimes I’m a bit like Ted, who just wants to be old. But I can be a bit like all the characters. Everyone can, probably. They’re just so relatable each in their own way.)

Positive points:
* Funny
* Relatable and believable
* Awesome characters
* Great character development
* Marshall and Lily are just so cheesy and adorable
* Robin is really inspirational
* Ted is my alter ego, I just love his shitty jokes and the useless stuff he knows
* Barney not really a good person, but he is still hilarious

Negative points:
* Sometimes repetitive
* The last season was a bit disappointing


I didn’t mind the fact that it was a bit repetitive, as I grew really attached to all the characters, and enjoyed seeing them grow older and change. It was really fun and enjoyable, and I think it’s a really great show to take your mind off things. And yet, it also knew when to be believable, and had its sad or emotional parts, which also part of what makes this show so great.

However I was a bit disappointed in the ending and how things turned out at the very end. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the mother in the end, she and Ted where perfect together, and they even had an adorable back story. She also got on well with the gang, which was awesome. However, what happened in the very end after they met (etc. I don’t want to get spoilery, but if you’ve watched the show, you’ll see what I mean) was a bit pointless and not the best thing the writers did on that show. Many people disliked the ending, and I won’t go to the extent of saying that I hated it, but I can say one thing: it really was not what I was expecting.

But in the end, even if the last season was not the best thing ever, I absolutely do not regret watching this show, and I would just love to see more of it. If you have any similar show/book/movie/anything to recommend, I’m interested!